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Here is a list for the 'Rigol Bildschirmkopie' program, maybe it helps something.


01. The program does not require any installation.

02. The program does not store automatically any data, such as the settings. There is always a demand and the user must think about it himself.

03. The WinUSB driver from Microsoft is required for the USB connection. This driver can be installed with the Zadig program.

04. No driver is required for the LAN connection. However, a RPC broadcast ping is sent to port 111. So that the devices are automatically found. A firewall or virusscan program must be released for this.


10. There is a configuration file "config.ini" in the "Resources" directory. This directory is located next to the executable program. If the settings are saved by the user, a copy of the file is stored in the user directory.
e.g. Windows XP: "C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\\RigolBildschirmkopie\config.ini"
e.g. Windows 7/10: "C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\\RigolBildschirmkopie\config.ini"

11. At startup it is read from both configuration files. Manual changes do not always have an effect when editing the wrong file.

e.g.: The section "[SCPI_Screencopy]" for the SCPI commands of the screen copies is read from the "Resources\config.ini".
The section "[Screencopy]" for the program settings is read from the "User\config.ini".

Info: The SCPI command used for the screen copies is displayed in the log window.


20. A device can be searched using the "Select" button or the menu item "Device->Select...". The corresponding page for LAN or USB must be selected for the search. The USB list shows only devices with installed WinUSB drivers. Devices currently in use are not displayed in the list.

21. When a device has been selected, the model name and the type of connection are displayed in the title bar.

22. The current device can be selected automatically at startup when the menu item "Device-> Select automatically" is selected. The settings are stored with demand.

23. Altered settings or entered SCPI commands in the SCPI command Window must always be stored manually.

24. Only for DSA800: After fetching a screen copy using the "Copy" button, the device's remote control lock can be removed. For this, the menu item "Screencopy-> Unlock Device" must be selected. This setting has no effect in the SCPI command window or when the program is terminated.

25. Screen copys are only saved in PNG format.

26. Only for Mac OS X: The "Enter Full Screen" menu item in the "Display" menu displays only the screenshot in full-screen mode. The full-screen button in the window title bar displays the current view with controls in full-screen mode.


The other program menu items should be self-explanatory.